Introducing the Recco Indentification Micro-chip Posted Sunday

May 19, 2002 by David Sly

CIL/Orion and Maple Leaf Powder Company are pleased to announce the addition of the Recco Identification Micro-chip to our Avalancher rounds and our precast TNT primers.

This product is an industry accepted safety tool used by many different companies to improve safety conditions.

The addition of the Recco micro-chip furthers our products' focus on the snow control industry.

CIL Mildet Safety Fuse assembies

January 27, 2002 by David Sly

1.4B UN 0361 PG 11

CIL/Orion, Austin Powder Ltd and Maple Leaf Powder Company have reduced the misfire rate of fuse assemblies in the snow control business by designing a product with specific features to the rugged and fluctuating conditions found in high alpine areas.

CIL Mildet Safety Fuse is a product designed and tested for use by the United States Military.

This product has a rugged polyethylene jacket extruded overtop of a larger core load of black powder. The jacket burns with a lot of smoke. There is no question of ignition when it starts to burn because of the amount of smoke. The jacket retains its flexibility in the cold temperatures, thus making it easier to prime a charge.

Each fuse assembly is rigorously tested for product quality to the military specifications. Misfires are practically non existent.

Each fuse assembly is fitted with a staple inside the fuse at the detonator to drain static electricity.

Included in the modifications is the elimination of the copper thermalite connector. Our fuse is now cut to a square end with a friction fitted plastic end cap for waterproofing protection. This also allows the pull-wire lighter to fit over top of the fuse properly to insure ignition. No more wasted thermalite connectors!

The burning speed is accurately timed at 40 seconds per foot at sea level. plus or minus 10 %

While there are other attractive systems available for hand charging situations, the fuse assemblies still has a niche market in the snow control industry provided CIL/Orion continues to supply a product which can be relied upon.