Avacaster Avalauncher Device

The Avacaster is supported by our group of marketing companies. We have experienced, highly skilled, field technicians who know how to resolve your avalauncher issues. We are not a lone individual who cannot properly support or stand up for their product.

Avacaster Manual (PDF - 3MB)


  • Compatible with all CIL Snowlaunchers and Delta Lancers
  • Electric remote switch capability
  • Ammunition sits in the barrel ahead of heavy breach metals
  • Inert rounds of all styles for target registry
  • Removable end caps on the pressure vessels enables proper clean out to avoid rust and corrosion
  • Custom trailers, approved blast shields, shooting towers available
  • On-site set up of every device by a trained CIL technician
  • Annual servicing contracts available
  • Reinforced ribbed barrels 12 feet long

Video: Avacaster visits Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley