CIL Avalanche Control Products

January 19, 2013

Safety Bulletin

TO ALL USERS OF C-I-L Explosives Snowlauncher slip-pin avalauncher systems.

In 1998, CIL Explosives entered into the North American avalanche mitigation business along with partners Austin Powder Company, Maple Leaf Powder Company, Omni Explosives, and Wesco Explosives. The goal of the consortium is to provide essential products and service to the avalanche industry. With a unique line of custom snow control explosives and systems, CIL is proud to assist ski areas and government highways in keeping the public safe throughout North and South America and Europe. The AAA, CAA and NSAA act as conduits for CIL to connect with professional avalanche control practitioners through explosives training seminars sponsored, in part, from CIL's generous donations to these organizations.

This is a market our company has grown in cooperation with the CAA over the past 4 years. It is the result of Industy demand for safe mangement of snow conditions.

Working with CIL as their senior technical sales staff, and Austin Powder Ltd., we support the safe and effective use of explosives at ski hills and Ministry of Highway mountain passes. Through our three-way cooperation we are committed to developing this industry to find safer and more efficient ways to control snow.

  • On-site product demonstrations
  • Upgrading Blasting seminars

We have developed a detailed snow blasting procedures field manual available for your staff as a support document. Call us for more details!


Industry specific Avalanche Control products:

  • CIL Mildet Safety Fuse Assemblies
  • Stubby Launcher
  • Snow Launcher Delta K
  • Nonel shock tube detonators
  • Snow Crushers for cornice control- .5kg and 1kg
  • 25kg, 12.5kg and 8 kg AN/FO charges
  • Austin Powder Ltd., Emulex 927AT, cap sensitive emulsion
  • Austin Powder Ltd., Emuline Cornice Crusher
  • 1kg Snowlauncher rounds, complete with Recco identification micro-chips & environmentally positive micro-organisms
  • Precast Pentolite Primers, complete with Recco identification micro-chips
  • 29 gram perforating shaped charges
  • AN/FO anti-skid surefoot bag
  • Natural Resources Canada approved- Magazine padlocks, hinges, hood tabs and doors

Detonator Sensitive Packaged Emulsion

  • Emulex 927 AT 2 x 16
  • Emulex 927 AT CW 2 x 12
  • Thrifty Booster Snowlauncher 60mm x 1 kg

Booster Sensitive Packaged Emulsion

  • Hydromite 5 x 30 pounds
  • Hydromite 4 x 20 pounds

Cast Boosters

  • 5 Pounds 3 Hole Grey Cap Boosters
  • 5 Pounds 2 Hole Grey Cap Boosters
  • 2 Pounds 3 hole White Cap Boosters
  • 2 Pound 2 Hole White Cap Boosters
  • 1 Pound 3 hole Orange Cap Boosters
  • 1 Pound 2 Hole Orange Cap Boosters
  • 8 oz Brown Cap Boosters
  • All boosters come in DC (Detonator Cord) Sensititvity

Detonating Cord

  • 25 grain A cord
  • 18 Grain Liteline
  • 50 grain Det Cord

Austinite ANFO Charges

  • 25kg Plastic Valve Bags
  • 12.5 kg Plastic Valve Bags
  • Sure foot nylon non-skid bags

Detonators and Accessories

  • 90 second Mildet Fuse Assembly
  • 1 meter Mildet Fuse Assembly
  • 2 meter Mildet Fuse Assembly
  • 3 meter Mildet FRuse Assembly
  • Pull Wire Igniters
  • # 8 fuse caps
  • # 12 fuse caps

Ballistic Products

  • Classic Snowlaunchers 1 kg
  • Stubby Snowlaunchers 1 kg
  • Snow Sluggers 2 kg
  • Thrifty Boosters 1 kg
  • Thrifty Boosters 1/2 kg
  • Thrifty Boosters 2 kg
  • Avalanche Guard Boosters 4 kg
  • Tail fin assemblies made in-house for all ballistic products

Custom Load Propellant Cups for Avalanche Guard System

6 grams to 70 grams

Technical Support for:

  • Whistler/Blackcomb
  • Fernie Alpine Resort
  • Ski Louise
  • Mount Washington Ski Resort
  • Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Ministry of Highways BC
  • Parks Canada
  • Jasper National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Canadian Mountain Holidays
  • Whitewater Ski Resort
  • Workers Compensation Board of BC
  • Canadian Avalanche Association
  • Marmot Basin
  • Crystal Mountain
  • Sunshine Village
  • Alberta Parks
  • Lake Louise Warden Office
  • Stevens Pass
  • Banff Mount Nordquay
  • Colorado DOT
  • Utah DOT
  • Idaho DOT
  • Wyoming DOT
  • Caltrans
  • Washington State DOT Stevens Pass, Snowqualmie Pass
  • Mount Baker Ski Area
  • Mount Hood Meadows Ski Area
  • Mount Hood Ski Bowl
  • Crystal Mountain
  • White Pass
  • Wenatchie Ski Area
  • Stevens Pass Ski Area
  • Mout Rose Ski Area
  • Kirkwood Ski Area
  • Alpine Meadows Ski Area
  • Squaw Valley Ski Area
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Schwitzer Basin
  • Sun Valley
  • Jackson Hole
  • Teton Ski Resort
  • Bridger Bowl
  • Moonlite Basin
  • Yellowstone Mountain Club
  • Big Sky
  • BNSF Railroad
  • Snow Basin
  • Snowbird
  • Alta
  • Telluride
  • Crested Bute
  • Aspen Highlands
  • Arapahoe Basin
  • BC First Nations
  • Nuu-Chah-Nulth First Nation
  • Ahousat
  • Tofino
  • Ucluelet
  • Opitsaht
  • Cypre River
  • Beddingfield
  • Sulphur Passage
  • Heiltsuk First Nation
  • Bella Bella
  • Kwicksutaineuk First Nation
  • Guilford Island
  • Haida First Nation
  • Haida Gwaii
  • Lyell Isalnd
  • Sandspit
  • Charlotte City
  • Masset
  • Naden Harbour Davidson Creek
  • Eden Lake
  • Dinon Bay
  • McClinton Bay
  • Juskatla
  • Tlell
  • Tart Inlet
  • Sewell Inlet
  • Louise Island Beatty Anchorage
  • Alliford Bay
  • Maude Island
  • Port Clements
  • Rennell Sound
  • Tasu
  • Gitsegukla First Nation Hazelton BC
  • Gitwanga First nation Gitwanga BC
  • Niska First nation Nass Valley BC

Supply Locations throughout North America

  • Austin Powder Company
  • Calgary Alberta
  • Grand Prairie Alberta
  • Westlock Alberta
  • Kamloops BC
  • Courtenay BC
  • Ketchikan Alaska
  • Juneau Alaska
  • Wasilla Alaska
  • Onalaska Washington
  • Roseburg Oregon
  • Fairfield California
  • Wesco Explosives Locations WESCO
  • Nucla Colorado
  • Salt Lake City Utah
  • Rigby Idaho

We have developed a detailed snow blasting procedures field manual entitled "Powder and Snow"

Emulsion Explosives

Classification: 1.1D UN0241 – cap sensitive, 1.5D UN0332 – booster sensitive


A solution of minute particles of oxidizer salts is suspended in oil.
The emulsion thus formed is protected against liquid and oil separation by
adding emulsifying agents. A bulking medium is then added to the emulsion
matrix for density control. This, can be various forms of ultrafine air
particles. The more air added the more sensitive and less powerful the blend
becomes. Emulsion can carry with it solids like aluminum to enhance power.
A homogeneous blend of a salt particle surrounded by oil with a droplet of
air beside it is obtained. The resulting explosion is extremely efficient
due to the size of each particle causing chain reaction detonation.
Exploding properties include high velocity and low gas volume, a good
combination for snow control work. Different consistencies can be obtained,
anywhere from runny to stiff putty. Avalanche control work is best suited to
a cap-sensitive, stiff, rugged paperwrapped product.

There is also a use for continuous lengths of valeron or plastic
wrapped product. These valeron lengths are traced with 50 grain detonating
cord to insure propagation between the lengths. This is a product designed
for cornice control and is described further in procedures. Emulsions are
comparatively much safer to handle than other high explosives. There is no
possibility of getting NG headaches from touching or smelling. At
temperatures below –10 degrees Celsius it is recommended that a booster be
used to initiate products.

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